About us

We Are Proud To Serve You With The Experience From 1997 To
The Present.

Our company, which has signed many successful projects for
years, keeps the pulse of the sector. ATLM Expo, which has undertaken the
representation of many successful international fair organizations in Turkey as
well as its own organizations, makes great efforts in finding potential new
markets and directing the right companies to the right markets.Our company,
which continues to work with the principle of customer satisfaction, is aware
that successful organizations will also contribute to our country’s exports.

ATLM Expo, which has created awareness and become a
pioneer from the moment it entered the sector, has opened the doors of Europe,
Asia and Africa to thousands of Turkish companies until today. Azerbaijan,
Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, Iraq in particular; ATLM Expo, which organizes
fairs in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia,
Egypt, Tunisia, Rwanda, S. Africa, Kenya, UAE, Kazakhstan, India and Iran,
expands its fair organization network every year and offers Turkish
participants the developing world. It continues to work with the concern of
creating new market share in countries and increasing Turkey’s exports. Our
company, which has signed dozens of fairs every year, organizes successful
organizations in sectors such as construction, real estate, food, cosmetics,
ventilation and decoration.


We are happy to serve fair participants all over the world
with our expert and customer satisfaction oriented staff.